Stress: It's What Makes the Stomach Turn 'round.


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Thomas Dwyer
Author of Stop Heartburn Fast

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Todays newsletter is an email I received late last week from Gillian. Gillian suspects her frequent heartburn may be caused by a busy, stressed lifestyle. These days it's not uncommon to find people living this busy lifestyle which can lead to a range of conditions such as chronic heartburn and acid reflux.

Dear Thomas,

I'm a fairly regular heartburn sufferer (at least half a dozen times a month), and I lead a rather hectic lifestyle. I'm an executive in a rapidly growing food chain and I work very long hours. I know that if I keep going like this, I'll burn myself out, but I intend to bite the bullet for a few more years with an eye for an early retirement.

I've been told that high stress levels could be a big cause of my heartburn problem, and I've taken quite a few steps to try to work on relaxing, both when I'm off work and when I'm dealing with problems on the job. Even though I feel and act less stressed out (and am told I don't look so stressed out either!) this has not done anything to alleviate my burning chest. Since I don't eat big meals, and in fact barely have time to eat at all, I'm confused as to why his has become such a persistent problem for me. Any ideas?

Ft. Lauderdale


Dear Gillian,

Yes, I do have a fairly good idea of what's causing you trouble, or at least a really good guess. A big clue came in your closing lines: the fact that you barely have time to eat at all.

First, let me say that the idea that stress CAUSES indigestion or heartburn is a mostly exaggerated one. Your RESPONSE to your stress can, however, directly cause many other health problems, including heartburn and indigestion.

That is, your hurried and always on the run lifestyle is probably not giving your digestive system a fighting chance. If you're not able to slow down, eat, and then digest, you are compromising your body's ability to do its job properly.

Furthermore, many of the lifestyle choices of highly-strung or just extremely busy people put them at risk for heartburn problems. For example, coffee is one of the at-risk substances for heartburn sufferers because it dilates the lower esophageal sphincter, which is the gateway that lets food pass into the stomach, and prevents acid from leaving it.

In general, rushing through meals; eating on the run; eating late at night (and a late meal that is proportionally larger than your other meals); and drinking multiple and regular cups of coffee can all contribute to heartburn problems.

So along with your new calm and composed approach to your job, you may also want to reconsider your pace!


If Gillian's lifestyle sounds familiar, take a step back and allow yourself time to eat and digest your food correctly and work toward a healthy, stress free lifestyle. There's no point stressing yourself day after day if you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Until nex time, all the best,
Thomas Dwyer

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Thomas Dwyer
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