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Thomas Dwyer
Author of Stop Heartburn Fast

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Do suffer from heartburn on a daily basis? Does heartburn kick-in after each hearty lunch or dinner? Believe it or not, heartburn can be triggered by simply eating too much. As Dean explains below it doesn't necessarily matter how healthily you eat. Too much is too much.

Dear Thomas,

I consider myself quite healthy. I eat the right foods, I exercise a lot, and I most always avoid stuff this is known to cause heartburn. Still, I get it.

It most commonly happens right after lunch. I work in construction, so I'm doing manual labor. That means I eat a pretty good size meal at that time, to keep up my calories. The only thing I can think of is the possibility of eating too much(?)

I'm doing everything else right.

Dean Ruskin
Lakewood, CO


Dear Dean,

As the saying goes no one knows your body better than you, and I think your own understanding of the source of the problem is the most likely one.

In general, it's well established that Americans don't really know when to stop eating. When we think about over-eating and the disorders that go along with it, we tend to think of obese people, and there's plenty of logic in that. But what we don't always realize is that even perfectly healthy people can suffer from much more than a simple case of indigestion from over-eating.

My general advice goes something like this:

Stop eating before you FEEL full.

I really want to focus on the word FEEL. You shouldn't feel excessive pressure in your lower abdomen. You shouldn't feel like you're piling on your next bite above the last somewhere around the back of your throat. You shouldn't feel like your eyeballs are sweating. You shouldn't feel like Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory after he disobediently drank the chocolate river - and you shouldn't look like him for that matter either.

In your own case, I know this is easier said than done, but I recommend taking several intermittent snack breaks in the build up to lunch, so that it offsets the monster appetite that manual labor can create.

Furthermore, although you didn't mention this yourself, there is a good chance that you, along with most blue-collar workers, really savor stretching out and reclining for a few peaceful minutes post-meal. This is, I have to say, also making things worse for your body.

The last thing you should do is lie down immediately after you eat a huge meal - and this is because when we are upright, gravity is on our side in terms of digestion and our metabolism is ticking along at a faster pace. Also when we are up and moving, we are swallowing more, and the act of swallowing helps saliva clear out the esophagus and possibly any acid that's creeping around in there.

I know it's not easy, but no one's saying go do a triathlon on your lunch break. Just walk from here to there, toss a ball around. Anything to get rid of that bloated feeling and keep the intestinal tract flowing like it should: as a one-way street.

All the Best,

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Thomas Dwyer
Author - Stop Heartburn Fast


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