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Thomas Dwyer
Author of Stop Heartburn Fast

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WELCOME one and all to the "Stop Heartburn Fast" newsletter series. Or should I say welcome "one in five," as that's about the number of Americans who suffer from some form of heartburn at least once a week.

I am glad you have decided to seek out more information on what is an incredibly common problem but in general a poorly understood one as well. I am confident that I'll be able to help you discover many of the lesser known remedies out there - many of them completely natural - and prove that there are indeed alternatives to a lifetime of antacids.

In this series I'll share with you many of the actual responses that I've given to the emails (and letters) that I've received from sufferers of acid reflux heartburn over the years. Think of these exchanges as a sort of textual tonic, reassuring you that you are by no means alone on this one and you do have more options than you may have realized.

I have done my very best to break things down in plain English. But there are a few basic things to sort out on the technical side:

First, you may have heard of GERD. And you very well may have it if you are suffering from heartburn. GERD stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. If you take that name in parts, it's not all that complicated.

"Gastro"  -  Refers to anything to do with your digestive system. "Gastric acid" is what your stomach produces to aid in the process of digestion.
"Esophageal"  -  Is the part of the word that refers to your esophagus. Your esophagus is simply the tube that carries food down from your mouth to your stomach.
"Reflux"  -  Means "back-up." Simple as that.

There is a muscle that can open and contract at the bottom of your esophagus and the top of your stomach called the esophageal sphincter. It functions as a gateway. It lets food into the stomach, and not back out the same way. It also keeps that gastric acid down there too. But when the gateway is compromised in any way (and there are lots of ways it can be), then some acid gets backed up into that tube (your esophagus).

This is where all the trouble starts. You see, the walls of your stomach are equipped to deal with the acid - think of it as a fireproof room. But the hallway leading into that room is not fireproof. When fire gets in there, it burns. And it can burn real bad, right up through the chest and to the back of the throat.

This is heartburn. Heartburn is the effect or end result of acid reflux. Or you can say that heartburn is the symptom of the disease known as GERD.

acid reflux heartburn.

The same process occurs whenever one suffers heartburn. But GERD or "acid reflux" usually refers to the chronic and regular occurrence of this symptom. It is a more serious condition, and can lead to other serious health problems if not treated in some way, including forms of esophageal cancer.

Acid reflux has other symptoms too, such as "regurgitation," where your stomach contracts and you notice a sour taste at the back of the mouth (it's like vomiting a tiny bit but back a little further down the track).

And in the case of acute onset heartburn, the kind typically brought on by over-eating, it is often accompanied by indigestion.

Indigestion - or "dyspepsia" - is sometimes confused with heartburn discomfort, especially because a similar burning sensation is felt. But the pain and discomfort is confined to the upper abdomen only. When your stomach is bloated with food and you want nothing else in the world to sit back in a reclining chair and belch, this is indigestion. Lifestyle (such as excessive stress and smoking) can contribute to this problem, as can certain medical problems, such as stomach ulcers.

That's a crash course in your gastroenterology or, as you may prefer, "your aching gut." In some cases a couple over-the-counter pills are enough for the occasional heartburn sufferer. For some it's not. But whatever the case may be, it helps to know that there are scores of natural and holistic methods that may be worth a try.

You'll see me next time with a myth-busting newsletter on your stomach, your stress and what they REALLY have to do with each other.

Until then, all the best,
Thomas Dwyer

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Thomas Dwyer
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