A Special Message For Anyone Who Suffers from Chronic heartburn and acid reflux symptoms...

I Cured My Heartburn - No the Drugs DIDN'T WORK. And I GUARANTEE That You Will Put a Stop to Your Heartburn Using My Methods... Or Your Money Back!

My amazing natural remedy has a 97% success rate

From: Thomas Dwyer
September 01, 2019

Dear Friend,

Did you know that you are probably making critical mistakes in your efforts to cure your heartburn? There's a good chance that what you are doing might even cause permanent damage.

Advice: Don't believe everything that the drug companies tell you.

So, why did you come to the Stop Heartburn Fast web site?

Are you going through pain and trauma caused by heartburn? Were you hoping that you might find something on this site that would help you to stop your heartburn and acid reflux forever? Would you like to be able to finally get a good nights sleep again, without pain?

Do you feel like your only choice is between popping pills, or giving up all your favorite foods?

If your wish is to cure your heartburn, without drugs, exercise or an impossible to follow diet, then you've come to the right place. I created Stop Heartburn Fast as a permanent cure for my own condition and you're about to receive the benefits of all my research, trial and error, and results achieved through helping thousands of others resolve their heartburn problems.

You're about to sleep easier, eat anything you want, end the stomach bloating, and above all, be healthy and happy again, and you'll get these immensely satisfying results FAST...

I designed Stop Heartburn Fast to be the most practical, easy-to-follow and comprehensive system available for people like you who wish to cure your heartburn, acid reflux and/or digestive problems.

Thousands of people worldwide, just like you, have used my unique methods to start feeling better, while regaining their health and happiness in the process. Will you be next?

Thomas Dwyer
Author of "Stop Heartburn Fast"

From: Thomas Dwyer
September 01, 2019

Dear Friend,

Regardless of what you have been led to believe, Heartburn, Gerd and Acid Reflux can be cured in easy-to-follow steps without any medication using natural treatments, that are 100% safe and effective.

"I've noticed a rather startling recovery"

"I have to say I was pretty skeptical at first that any natural cure could exist for my heartburn because I'd been having problems consistently for a long time now. It really had contributed to me being depressed and much less sociable. Since applying the tips in your book I've noticed a rather startling recovery and my family has noticed a shift in my moods. It is great being able to go out to the grocery store, see friends and sleep at night without that burden. I am forever greatful!"
-- Michael Young, Seattle, Washington

You're about to learn simple, natural, easy strategies to resolve your heartburn problems! Whether you have been a long term sufferer, or have recently been getting heartburn and acid reflux agony - even if you have tried other methods before! - this information applies to you, and in some cases, you'll even amaze yourself!

You've probably tried using numerous ineffective methods to cure your heartburn, without even knowing it!

You are not alone. There are millions of heartburn sufferers out there in a similar situation. I've seen so many people trying hard to resolve terrible heartburn issues, only to make things worse! The problem is, they are trying to do it using over the counter pills or outdated natural remedies that simply don't work. All they do is mask the problem, while in the mean time, it is actually getting worse!

That's why I created this web page. I wrote Stop Heartburn Fast because I was fed up with seeing so many heartburn sufferers who only seem to see their problems get worse... and it doesn't have to be this way!

I've seen miracles worked with extreme heartburn cases that appeared to be life long problems.

So, What Actually Causes Heartburn?

Many of us suddenly get a burning sensation that starts in the chest. This condition occurs sometimes just after we have eaten. After our stomachs have digested the food, the stomach juices can sometimes flow into the gullet, or as it is correctly called the esophagus. When that happens the esophagus lining gets irritated and a burning sensation can felt be especially near the heart. This is the main cause of heartburn for most people.

The part of the body that is responsible for heartburn occurring is the Lower Esophageal Sphincter, or LES as it is sometimes called. This valve is responsible for keeping the stomach juices within our stomachs. The intestines of the stomach are capable of dealing with the stomach acids. However if for any reason the LES relaxes then the stomach juices can flow into the esophagus and begin causing heartburn.

The walls or the skin of the esophagus are very thin, therefore the esophagus can get irritated by the acidity of the stomach juices.

On a very simple level, the causes of heartburn are associated with a lot of things, food being the main culprit. Coffee and chocolates being another, since heartburn for most people occurs after eating or drinking.

There is a good explanation for this and it all has to do with the acids flowing back up into your gullet (esophagus).

To put it simply, your stomach produces acids when you eat or drink anything to better aid in the digestive process. And since there are more acids present in your stomach at this time, you have a better than average chance of getting heartburn.

But it is also true that almost half of us will live our entire lives without suffering from heartburn. So why does it affect some people and not others?

Does any of this sound familiar? Did you know that it has been statistically proven that 97% of people can significantly reduce or cure their heartburn with the natural cure information that is in this book!.

Keep reading and I'll tell you how to resolve your heartburn and gain the full enjoyment of your life back! Follow my methods, and you'll experience significant results.

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Now, Read On...

First of all, I have to let you know: you're probably making critical mistakes in your attempts to cure your heartburn and don't even know it!

"After following your methods, my acid reflux has completely vanished!"

"...After following your methods, my acid reflux has completely vanished! I must say, I'm very very impressed with what you have put together here."
-- Sarena Kitchen, Edinburgh, Scotland

It is not enough for you to learn how to mask the pain, you'll find that your heartburn will simply become worse in the future!

Give up on popping over the counter pills and remedies that don't work in the long run.

Forget the theories and ideas you have heard that aren't working.

But don't give up on resolving your heartburn problem once and for all! No matter what kind of heartburn you are suffering from, this information applies to you, and in virtually all cases, the results will surprise you.

There is an alternative to the agony. In fact, you could soon be relieved of your heartburn problems for good!

Here's a Small Sample of What You'll Learn:

The causes of heartburn, and how they influence what you should do about yours.
How to tell if you have heartburn or some other medical problem.
At last! You're about to get a great nights sleep ... without the agony, or waking up!
Facts and statistical evidence about heartburn that may surprise you.
The influence of family on your heartburn problems... maybe you can blame it on your parents after all!
Sometimes complications can arise from heartburn. Discover how to guard against them.
Learn specific methods for preventing heartburn.
How to end bloating of your stomach and get your flat tummy back again!
Find out the surprising effects different exercises can have on your heartburn.
When should you use drugs? - And when should you try the natural remedies for heartburn?
The one key to discovering the heartburn treatment that will work for you - deceptively simple, but effective!
Herbs and spices that won't aggravate your heartburn -- and some that will actually relieve it.
Lifestyle changes you can make that will relieve your heartburn without taking all the fun out of your life.
Sick and tired of constant burping? Embarrassed? This is an easy condition to correct and we show you why you are experiencing this problem and how to correct it.
How to put a stop to chest pressure and pain.
What about gum and candy? I found the answers.
Recipes for remedies that work -- and that you can mix up in your own kitchen using common ingredients. You probably already have most of these in your kitchen now; all you have to do is combine them correctly.

What You Don't Know About Heartburn Can Hurt You!

It might be easy to just "go along" with your heartburn, popping those antacid tablets when it gets really bad...but that's really not a good idea.

There are facts about heartburn you should know.

Facts that most people don't know; but ignoring these facts can result in very bad things happening to you.

That's just some of the information I cover in my book.

You'll Also Discover Powerful Insights On...

Why ignoring or “living with” your heartburn is the exact wrong thing to do, and can lead to devastating consequences.
How to tell if that pain you feel is heartburn - or heart attack.
Yes, you CAN live a normal life again! But you must treat the root cause of your problems and correct any damage that the esophagus or sphincter has encountered. We show you precisely how to do this!
What is GERD - and why you must know the facts about it. In fact, not knowing could cost you your life.
Using tea as a remedy for heartburn -- and why some teas set your heartburn off like a raging fire, while others soothe and cool your heartburn with ice-like magic.
Remedies that don't cost anything but give you immediate pain relief.
The meaning of heartburn during pregnancy - and what you can or cannot do about it.
The truth about food, and the surprising things you can safely eat without aggravating your heartburn.
Does having heartburn mean you can't enjoy alcoholic beverages? The answer may surprise you.
Why you get that agonizing burning sensation at night.
Why the clothes you wear can make your heartburn better - or worse.
Why you get heartburn at certain times of the year, and not at others.
The real, scientific truth about spicy foods and heartburn.
Common illnesses you might confuse with heartburn; some are minor, while others can kill you.
Alternative remedies that work. How to use reflexology, massage, yoga, chiropractic and other alternative methods to soothe your heartburn pain.
Advice on adapting your favorite recipes so you can still enjoy them without the heartburn. Yes, even chili!

Will These Secrets Really Work For Your Heartburn Problems?

"Your book, stop heartburn fast, is simply fantastic"

"Your book, stop heartburn fast, is simply fantastic. It shows how much effort and research you have put in by the quality of the knowledge conveyed in your writing and best of all, the approaches you have adoped in your book are current, well-balanced and made easy to understand. I strongly recommend your book to anyone who is seeking alternatives to medicine for heartburn and acid reflux."

-- Amy Gould, Boise, USA

These secrets have been to work for hundreds of heartburn sufferers around the world. So what's the catch?  You have to actually do it! Most people who fail, do so because they never take action because they fear its already too late or worry what their partner and others may think.

They don't have the patience and drive to cure their agony. They give up and suffer through the pain, or put up with short term solutions, such as antacids that merely mask the pain, rather than take on their problem head on with solutions that work both short and long term.

If you really truly want to relieve your heartburn - if you want to be respected by your friends and your family as someone who takes great care of your health and well-being - then there is no doubt in my mind this will work for you.

If you are fed up with your heartburn agony, then rather than just complain about it, take action! Thousands of people out there are living their entire live either in severe heartburn pain. Don't be one of them!

You Can't Afford To...

...waste another moment on ineffective methods causing your heartburn more harm than good. There are already thousands of people who have successfully cured their heartburn from these natural remedies. Why not join them?

"This book is now my essential reference..."

I have read your book three times now, and every single time I have benefited from it. I've been suffering from severe bouts of heartburn several times each week for years. Since reading your book I have gained a much better understanding of the causes of heartburn and how to relieve it. You have also helped to save me a lot on my doctors bills. This book is now my essential reference in the living room, and I recommend it to every heartburn sufferer.
-- Mavis Priest, Anaheim, USA

You can't afford to be following a heartburn remedy system that isn't getting results immediately.

You've tried all sorts of things... and now you're reading this because so far nothing has worked for you.. 

You're still stuck with the same old heartburn problems, and they are quite likely to be worse!

Most people who try to help you with your heartburn based on methods and myths that usually end up causing more harm than good.

They never reveal proven strategies that show exactly how to resolve your heartburn without merely masking the problem!

They don't discuss the most vital part of getting your heartburn problems back on track!

Anyone who tells you that all you need is to drink milk, or take an antacid (like tums) to cure your heartburn doesn't know what thy are talking about.

Just because you feel short term relief from over the counter pills doesn't mean you can keep taking them as a long term remedy for your heartburn...

You may not believe this but ...

If you are suffering from bad heartburn DON'T simply reach for over the counter antacids (eg Tums) or acid suppressors (eg Tagamet and Dyspamet). As with so many other medications on the market, these "solutions" really aren't solutions at all - they merely mask the symptoms.

What's worse, if you are suffering from an actual ulcer, then the antacids will have striped your stomach of the acid that's important for digestion, so in turn you'll be even worse off than before!

Another problem with acid suppressors is that they can’t single-handedly inhibit H. pylori, which means you’d also have to take antibiotics. Unfortunately, symptoms often return after stopping treatment, and you could end up undergoing years of drug therapy.

And while it may seem convenient to chew one tablet or swallow one pill, you won’t find real relief until you go beyond that. After all, an ulcer isn’t just really bad heartburn: It’s often related to a bacterial infection that won’t go away unless treated properly.

The great news is that Heartburn, Gerd and Acid Reflux can be cured (studies have shown a 97% success rate) in easy-to-follow steps without any medication using natural treatments, that are 100% safe and effective.

Here's What You Need...

What you need is every last nitty-gritty detail and insider secret explaining exactly what it takes to get your heartburn under control so you can enjoy your life and keep it that way.

Look, if you:

  • Want to eliminate the pain of heartburn from your life forever...
  • Want to be able to sleep peacefully right through the night...
  • Want to put an end to the stress and anxiety associated with your heartburn...
  • Are sick of popping pills and other medications that simply mask the problem, rather than treat it...
  • Are frustrated about how much effort you're putting into curing your heartburn, only for it to get worse...
  • Can't understand why other people don't suffer from heartburn and you do...

If this is you, then:

"Stop Heartburn Fast Provides You with the Tools You NEED to STOP Your Heartburn - and Keep It Like That for the Rest of Your Life!"

Here's What Some More of My Stop Heartburn Fast Readers are Saying:

"I was pretty skeptical when I first came across your book, but I'm glad to say that it has fully lived up to my expectations. I was getting pretty terrified a few months ago when it seemed that my heartburn would never go away. I am a bit of an anxious person as it is and I thought I had cancer or was going to have a heart attack. That aside, I am very very happy to say that my heartburn has almost entirely gone from following the methods in your stop heartburn fast book. It really did exceed my expectations and I feel so much better now."
-- April Moess, San Fransisco, USA

"More people need to know about your book. It really does work! There wasn't anything I could seem to do until I came across your remedies and now I'm finding myself getting back into the daily activities I used to enjoy, plus getting a great nights sleep now!"
-- Grace Quinn, Huntington Beach, USA

"Thank you again for the extra help, it has been working really well. It is great buying a product from someone who cares so much about their customers. I strongly recommend your book to others and wish you all the best!"
--Peter Rickets, Niagara Falls, Canada

"Thank you for answering all of my emails, I really was in an agonizing state. Now my heartburn has receded dramatically and I am able to enjoy my life so much more now. You have my endless gratitude!"
-- Gregory Hillsdale, Cambridge, Canada

"...When my GERD seemed to be acting up I almost always got a rapid heart rate and thought I was having a heart attack. I have had a heart attack before, so this was very stressful. I went to a cardiologist shortly after buying your book and found that it was heartburn after all, so I went back and maticulously followed your strategies for curing my heartburn. Guess what, I've now been 2 weeks without any heartburn symptoms! I really appreciate the way I am feeling right now and I hope many others get to discover the kind of results I have. Well done, you have really done a fantastic job here."
-- Douglas Jennings, Buffalo, USA

"Hi Thomas. I have had bad heartburn symptoms for years. I also have anxiety and post natal depression. Since following the advice in your book, I sleep right through the whole night and have got rid of that awful tast in my sternum area. It's not quite perfect yet, but I'm a whole lot better... Thanks Thomas!"
-- Patricia Hampton, Sydney, Australia

These Secrets Are Yours In Just Five Minutes!

My course is available via instant download! You can be reading my Stop Heartburn Fast ebook and be well on your way to curing your heartburn and having a peaceful nights sleep in 5 minutes! Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before, it's so easy that you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner.

Plus, because I'm offering it to you via the internet, you reap the benefits of:

  • Zero shipping costs.
  • No waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for postal delivery.
  • No risk of products lost in the mail or damaged.
  • You receive the book at a lower price because it costs us less to produce.

...And Stop Heartburn Fast comes with THREE Exclusive Super Bonuses -- yours to keep, no matter what you decide!...

I want to make sure you have everything you need to immediately guarantee the success of your efforts to cure your heartburn problems.

So if you act on or before September 22nd, 2019 , as part of my special launch celebration, I've decided to give anyone who claims a copy of Stop Heartburn Fast FULL ACCESS to the following THREE Super Bonuses...

Super Bonus #1: 'Secrets of Holistic Healing' ($27 Value!)

The fact is that there are numerous holistic healing avenues you can explore. And, we endeavor to give you a brief look at each of them through the eyes of a bona fide holistic expert who practices many of these modalities on a daily basis.

Here’s a list of some of the topics we will review:

  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki
  • Aromatherapy
  • Ayurveda
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Herbal Therapy
  • Imagery
  • Meditation
  • Acupressure
  • Homeopathy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Reflexology

Get a heads up on how to potentially “vaccinate” yourself against seasonal allergies, how to cure illnesses and relieve aches and pains. All this and much more is waiting for your enlightenment.

Prepare to be encouraged, enlightened and entertained.

Super Bonus #2: '47 Amazing Herbal Remedies' ($27 Value!)

Did you know that there are thousands of plants that can heal just as many ailments?

In 47 Simple Herbal Remedies you can learn:

  • Popular herbs and their uses.
  • How to treat a sore throat.
  • How to prepare a blood purifier.
  • What to take for arthritis.
  • How to stop flatulence.
  • A gentle remedy for diarrhea.
  • What to use in place of ephedrine.
  • How to make your own toothpaste.
  • A way to remove bruises in 24 hours.
  • Another quick treatment for insect bites.
  • How to stop hot flashes.
  • An effective treatment for psoriasis
  • A natural remedy for sinusitis
  • And much much more

47 Amazing Herbal Remedies is written just for you, the person who is sick and tired of being over-medicated.

Super Bonus #3: 'How to Lower Your Cholesterol' ($29.95 Value!)

Do you know the warning signs for high cholesterol? Are you aware of your LDL and HDL levels? Do you even know what they mean?

If you don’t have a clue what we are talking about, you are definitely high risk for this potential killer.

Lowering Your Cholesterol tackles those questions and much more, such as:

  • What is cholesterol?
  • How does it affect my health?
  • How do I know if I’m at risk?
  • Is there a test that will tell me if I have it?
  • How does it affect my lifestyle?
  • Will I need medication?
  • Is it affected by diet?
  • What can I eat?
  • Will it go away with exercise?
  • Should I take supplements?
  • Is it possible to get rid of it?
  • What are some of the treatment options?
  • When is medication necessary?
  • Are natural treatments effective?

All this and much more is at your fingertips. How to Lower Your Cholesterol is written just for you, the person who keeps hearing about cholesterol but doesn’t understand the medical jargon.

How to Lower Your Cholesterol spells it out for you in plain English. Once and for all you will learn what the “doctor speak” is all about in words you can understand.

Discover how you can have your “beef” and eat it too! And find out everything there is to know to insure you don’t become another statistic! Your family will thank you and you’ll be glad you did.

Super Bonus #4: 'The Secrets to Sleeping Soundly' ($19.95 Value!)

Here you go again. Eyes wide open at 2:00 a.m. and you can’t sleep. You’ve tried everything you can think of including trying to figure out how to swat that stupid butterfly in the TV ad!

Your brain just won’t shut down. You’ve gone over your “To Do List” a hundred times until every item has been planned to the point of obsession! You’ve mentally re-arranged the furniture in the entire house a half dozen times.

You stopped counting sheep and started shooting them a half hour ago!
Does this sound familiar? The only good thing about this problem is the knowledge that you aren’t alone. Thousands of people suffer from insomnia to some degree.

The second good thing is finding your way to this page where you can discover “The Secrets to Sleeping Soundly!” Almost everyone has an occasional bout of sleeplessness. In the stressed out world we live in that’s pretty much a given.

However, when sleep patterns are consistently interrupted with episodes of sleeplessness the situation can be serious. Insomnia is no laughing matter. Our bodies require periods of rest in order to renew and rejuvenate. Interruption of normal sleep on a regular basis is very hazardous to your health!

“The Secrets to Sleeping Soundly” arms you with everything you need to know about the beneficial and harmful aspects of your sleep cycle, including when to recognize that your lack of sleep is reaching critical mass.

Sleeping pills aren’t always necessarily the best line of defense. Normal, natural sleep is much healthier and “The Secrets to Sleeping Soundly” explains how to determine what your body needs in order to get the sleep it requires.

Super Bonus #5: Stop Heartburn Fast Downloadable Audio Book ($19.95 Value!)

If you don't like reading, you don't have to. Now you can listen to Stop Heartburn Fast on your computer, or burn it to CD and listen to it in your car or download it to your MP3 player and listen to it anywhere!

Many of you could learn how to cure your heartburn through the long and brutal path of trial and error, or strong medication with potential side effects and eventually may reach success but there is a better way.

... Now picture this: It's a year from today (or a lot sooner), and your heartburn has been cured and you are enjoying your life a whole lot more. You've recovered from the stress and sleepless nights you went through last year due to your heartburn problems and you are in a much happier place than you are now. Even better, you know your health is a lot stronger now than it ever was before.

Now, stop and look back on today. Considering that you've resolved this major crisis in your life, and know that you will never be as stressed by it again in the future, what price tag would've made it a good investment?

With that in mind, I've decided to make Stop Heartburn Fast available right now for an affordable $37.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You've arrived at this page just in time to take advantage of my special new version launch celebration offer: until September 22nd, 2019 , I've decided to offer it for just $37 (for a limited time only)... including the super bonus, worth $30, that you receive absolutely FREE.

However, please be warned... Given the sheer quantity of valuable material that I've packed into this brand-new version of Stop Heartburn Fast, and given that I need to recoup my investment of time and resources, I want you to know that I *do* expect to raise the price shortly, once my launch celebration is complete, to the updated price of $49.95. So if you come back after 3 days, and the special launch price and bonus package is gone, there's nothing I can do...

Your No-Risk 8 Week Instant Money-Back Guarantee

That's right! Take 8 weeks to use and examine my crucial information, and techniques in "Stop Heartburn Fast". That's 8 weeks to put these valuable strategies to work on your Heartburn problems.

If Stop Heartburn Fast doesn't work for you, I don't want to keep your money. If it doesn't fulfill your every expectation, help you relieve your heartburn and put a stop to your suffering...

If you're not 100% thrilled and delighted with the results... Just send me an email and I will refund your payment. It's that simple, and the risk is 100% on my part... not yours.

Stop Your Heartburn Right Now!

You'll know in a few minutes you'll receive a step-by-step guide showing you everything you need to know and so that you can put and end to your heartburn agony and get back on track towards having a normal life. No need to spend all of the years of trial, error and pain to achieve success. Just follow the instructions and start getting results with your heartburn/reflux situation immediately.. And with my instant money-back guarantee, there is literally NO RISK for you.

Stop Heartburn Fast is available via instant download.
Note: If you order Stop Heartburn Fast online, by September 22nd, 2019
it's yours risk-free for an incredibly low $49.95 $37

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Instant Download Access!

Security Guaranteed

I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about your success with your heartburn problems and how happy you are. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I'd love to hear your success story!

It is time to stop your heartburn right now! Yes, you get immediate access even at 2:00 A.M.


Thomas Dwyer
Author of "Stop Heartburn Fast"

P.S. This course is an electronic download so you can get started right away! No Shipping, No Waiting! And remember, the price of a consultation with a specialist costs $120/hour and upwards, whereas my book is priced at 1/4 of this: $37. I'm sure you'll agree that the price is inconsequential when compared to your emotional and physical costs of your daily heartburn troubles, especially if your relationship has the potential to be the relationship of your dreams.

P.P.S. If you don't order Stop Heartburn Fast! right now, how will you learn all of these proven methods and techniques to put a stop to your heartburn quickly?

You have nothing to lose ordering Stop Heartburn Fast!, no matter what country you're in. Remember you are backed by my 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, send me an email within 8 weeks of your purchase and I'll issue you a full refund.

Stop your Heartburn Today!

We appreciate any comments or feedback. We want to serve you better.

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